Banjul or Bust!

Home of the Bedfordshire Bandits Budapest-Bamako Rally Team 2018

Get Involved

The ways in which you can help us are numerous.

There's pretty much 3 categories:

  • Donations of which 100% will go to charity (The African Hungarian Union)
  • Stuff we need that you could buy for us/donate to help us be prepared*
  • Corporate sponsorships where we'll display your logo on the van in exchange for goods/services/discounts.*

  • We are going to fund as much on the van as we possibly can ourselves, but there's so much it's going to be a bit of a push. We are also paying all entry fees for the event ourselves so we can give as much to the charity as possible!


100% of donations in this category will go to the charity - guaranteed. Please donate using GoFundMe below:

Click to Donate Now!

Stuff we need/Sponsorships

There's a whole variety of things we need for the van.

As we said above we will fund as much of these ourselves as we can. If you have any of these items laying around that you could donate though, that'd be truly awesome.

If any companies wish to sponsor us, we will provide you with your logo on our site, as well as a link and a description of what you guys do, on this website. When we come to do the event, we'll also put your logo on the van itself so you get some advertising in any/all coverage of the event. Depending on if we get any merchandise made up, we may be able to put your logo on that too! We're happy to negotiate if you're willing to get involved and help us out.

  • 15" Steel Wheels (~£250)
  • Tyres (and some spares) (~£400-600)
  • A set of Max Trax to keep us out of trouble. (~£250)
  • Subaru Engine conversion (~£6000+)
  • Suspension lift (~£700)