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It's all coming together...

Posted on the 20th June 2017

Progress Update

Quick update on our progress... I know we don't update too often, but as I work full time and John has been living it up in the US, it's been a bit tricky. The van is also going up for it's engine conversion at the end of next week, but we should be getting lots of pictures we can post here to keep everyone up to date on what is effectively re-building my van.

  • New 15" Mercedes steel wheels? CHECK
  • BF Goodrich KO2 All Terrain Tyres? CHECK
  • Hi-Lift jack for the many times we get stuck/beached/etc.? CHECK (a bargain, from eBay)
  • Fancy special wheel studs for the mercedes wheels to fit? Being help captive by Parcel Force. I'm still waiting for the ransom note.
  • FOX Suspension from GoWesty all the wa from California? En route
  • Engine rebuild? Deposit paid, going up there next Friday for the magic to happen

Once all that stuff is done, the van will be a beast and we should be a bit more capable of tackling the western sahara.


Our main sponsor is officially going to be CampervanCulture - One of the UKs biggest sellers of adventure camping and expedition gear, esspecially targetted towards these vans that we all love so much. They also have an amazing YouTube channel where they make videos of all the epic trips they do and the gear they use/sell. They only sell gear they use so you know it's good - and the videos are a great way to prove it.

They're gonna be giving us some gear they make to use for the rally (I'll give more detail once we've been to see them and can take some picturs) as well as some training in off-road/recovery driving and general tips, help and advice, and anything else we need for their store.

Stay tuned as we'll have more updates on this front soon, we're going to go and see them ASAP!

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