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Posted on the 4th June 2017

No, we haven't dropped off the face of the earth - we've just been busy!

The picture at the top is from my (Matt) recent holiday to the Scottish highlands in the van - 1790 miles in 9 days! It was hard going with the van not at all modified yet, so the steering is loose and was wandering everywhere, it rocks like a ship and cornering at any speed is a no-go. Also no speed higher than 55mph and every single hill (there's a lot in the highlands) was a case of 2nd gear, foot on the floor, and wait... The van was a trooper though, came through in one piece.

John is now back from the US so we can crack on with advertising and fundraising proper for the trip over the summer as we'll be able to get together and have some more time. We're at £175 of £8000 yet which is mainly colleagues and friends, so not a bad start. £8000 is a big goal, but every little helps! If you want to, go here:

In other news:

  • The wheels are now in motion for the van to have a watercooled conversion and fit a 1.8 Turbo engine from a VW Golf GTI. Should be looking at around 150bhp rather than my current 50bhp and bucketloads more torque. Deposit is paid and the van will be going up to Edinburgh on the 1st of July to have the work done. I can't wait, despite the eye-watering amount of money involved.
  • We have a new sponsor in the shape of Campervan Culture, there will be more news on this very soon! We are just finalizing the details with them at the moment.
  • Backordered a set of 2WD Fox Shocks for the van from GoWesty (via Campervan Culture) meaning when the rally happens I'll be running literally the best suspension money can buy.
  • Had a fun time yesterday attempting to replace all the front suspension bushes to tighten up the handling, everything possible went wrong but we got there (almost), will be finishing it off this week.
  • Have a set of Mercedes steel wheels (15") that will be getting painted gloss black and have BF Goodrich AT Tyres fitted soonish, then onto the van once suspension is done.

Basically, everything is going on! We'll be all set though. Will be pictures on all the above as it happens/gets done.

Onwards, to Africa!

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