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Posted on the 28th June 2017

At the weekend we both went down to Sutton to visit our new main sponsor -

They are one of the biggest UK retailers of adventure camping gear and Campervan parts and we cannot recommend them highly enough - Not just because they are our sponsor, the van already has their roof bars fitted, the ARB awning front-runner chairs and a Frontier stove that we also got from them before sponsorship was even on the cards.

Our van is now proudly bearing their logo on the sliding door and the other side under the vents. There's no logo we would rather have there!

They're helping us out a load - On Saturday they kitted us out with some recovery tracks, tow straps, shackles, safety straps, and a LED Headlight upgrade kit as well as lots of advice and some hardware so we can mount the expedition jack for easy use on the road.

Once the van gets back from the work being done, we're also going to go green laning with them to get some proper experience of getting stuck and getting out again. Lots more fun to come, so stay tuned!

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