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The Green Machine!

Posted on the 7th May 2017
The van with its fresh coat of paint

We painted the van! It's no longer the manky yellow/beige it was and is now NATO Green satin Rustoleum CombiColour on the top, with Raptor paint along the bottom. Many thanks to my mate Chris for the use of his driveway and general expertise with the painting/diassembly/reassembly of the van. It's been several weeks of sanding the van bit-by-bit coming, but we got there in the end!

For those of you who don't know, the Raptor paint is designed as truck bed liner and is basically super-duper tough paint that will deflect stone chips, marks, scratches, everything. We used it on the bottom of the panels as well as the bottom of the front and the rear section by the tail lights. These areas get a lot of wear and likely to have sand/grit/road dirt thrown at them so it keeps it nicely protected.

It's only a first coat at this point so there's a few bits here and there we need to go over/rub down and give a second coat - but overall a decent covering. Took us about 10 hours to do it all and get the van reassembled again after. If we were doing it again, it would definitely be a 2-day job.

The other thing to note is the rear panel is a bit messy as we patched some small holes with some seam-sealer. We have Rocky Mountain Westy swing-away carriers coming, so you won't see anyway! If not I'd have smoothed it a bit more.

Now it looks the part, we've just gotta get going with the proper expensive bits so it's as mean as it looks.

So, without any further drama, the pictures!

Before we painted The paint First panel with some paint on Repainted van, door-side. Repainted van, side. Repainted van, tailgate Repainted Van

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