Banjul or Bust!

Home of the Bedfordshire Bandits Budapest-Bamako Rally Team 2018

The Adventure

For overall info on the event, please visit the official site:

We have months of work ahead of us as we prepare the campervan for this epic trip. Hopefully we will have a somewhat decent British summer (though this is far from guaranteed) and can get most of this work done before the cold and wet winter arrives.

Before we even get to the “start” we have a 1800km journey from our homes in Bedfordshire, England to Budapest, Hungary. With enough help from caffeine, we hope to get this done in one day!

January 12th marks the start of the actual rally in Budapest and a 4 day leg from Europe to the starting point of the African section. In 4 days we will cross Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain and take a ferry to Nador, Morocco. We then have 12 days to reach Banjul, Gambia. We will be covering much shorter distances over this period than in Europe as the terrain is going to be much tougher. Our route will take us 1600km across the entire length of Morocco and then into the disputed territory of Western Sahara between Morocco and Mauritania. We'll then cross into Senegal for the final stretch before we finally make it to Banjul, in Gambia.

Take a look at the offical trailer below!