Banjul or Bust!

Home of the Bedfordshire Bandits Budapest-Bamako Rally Team 2018

Who are we anyway?

We are 2 slightly crazy English guys in our twenties. We went from discovering the event and thinking “it looks awesome”, to deciding to enter, quite literally overnight. Just a day later and our application forms were submitted and our entry fees were paid!

Matt is a web developer with too little time on his hands, but an insatiable appetite for doing ridiculous things (such as signing up for this event) anyway. Last year he went to Peru - When he came back, he immediately sold his Ford Fiesta, bought a 40 year old campervan and changed jobs - that should say everything you need to know.

John is currently studying Business in San Diego, using his time here to travel across the states or down to Mexico whenever he can. Though he has visited many European countries, this trip will be his first time to Hungary and Africa.

Fortune is Matts 1980 VW Westfalia campervan. Leaving the factory with a whopping 70bhp and an inability to go over 55mph, we have a long way to go her prepared, but she'll get us there (if bits stop falling off).